Outdoor Living Systems

Expand your living area with wintergarden, pergola and special, innovative glass systems … Our Group of Companies is the leader…

Smart Privacy Pod

Get your privacy in Office, Airport and any other public areas …. SmartFilmPlus brings three privacy pods of different sizes…

Switchable “outdoor” glass!

“Unique, quadruple-laminated electrically switchable glass for outdoor applications” Electrically switchable glass forms a basis for contemporary and innovative architecture in…

How smart film/glass works

You just need to press a button on the wall or in your application and it will work. There is also compatible with the smart home system.

Turned off

  • by Wi-Fi

  • by button

  • by timer

About Us

SmartFilmPlus is the leading Distributor and Producer of smart glass, smart films and all the needed electronical parts....

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