COVID19 has become a part of our life …

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COVID19 has become a part of our life …
  • Cat: News
  • Author: Thomas Maurer
  • date: 28.09.2020

The current crisis surrounding the corona virus and the lung disease Covid-19 caused by it affects us all. Each of us must now do our part to protect those for whom the virus poses an existential threat – namely our elderly people and people with previous illnesses. Only together can we overcome this challenging time as quickly as possible.

We as SmartFilmPlus trust the measures of the Austrian federal government and implement them consistently. The health of our customers, i.e. you and our employees, has the highest priority. Everywhere we try to keep the risk of infection for the individual as low as possible in order to ensure the greatest possible protection for us all. We reduce all activities that require personal contact to an absolutely necessary minimum and convert ongoing operations to virtual and telephone collaboration wherever possible. Please understand if our employees wear mouth and nose protection during installations or meetings.

We would ask you personally to take good care of yourself! Please take the instructions of the federal government and the advice of the experts seriously, please stay at home until further notice and please do not forget about those who need our support and our open ear during these difficult hours.

Stay home, stay care – just together we are strong.

Thomas Maurer, CEO

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