Innovation and art – smartfilm in railways!


Innovation and art – smartfilm in railways!
  • Type: For office
  • city: Transport, Cabins, Railways / Austria

The architects from studioAsynchrom from Graz placed drawings on the switchable foils from SmartFilmPlus (also from Graz) in the course of the art year, which were then installed in the two cabins of the Graz Schlossbergbahn.

The switching of the foils from opaque to transparent is “geolocated” and fully automated. Depending on the position of the cabin during the journey, certain areas / foils were switched accordingly.

In order for this innovative material (PDLC, switchable foils) to be installed in a passenger transport cabin, many technical requirements had to be met. For example, fire resistance (B1) was achieved using a special process – the foils were given a special coating and then installed in the cabins …

FIRE PROTECTION CLASS B1 for switchable foils – installation in passenger trolleys with SmartFilmPlus!

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