Bathroom – switchable privacy room!


Bathroom – switchable privacy room!
  • Type: For office
  • city: Vienna, Austria
  • square: 50 m2

More and more bathroom, toilett and wetrooms are designed in the concept of “room in room“. Means you have your wetroom integrated in the living-area, seperated with glass wall systems.

Looks beautifull, feels modern and you have as much as possible natural light in your wetroom.

Big handicap is the “non privacy” inside the glass room. Means you need to install some blinds, shadows or other mechanical privacy applications.

In that case we support our clients with “switchable” glass and you have privacy on a click without any lost of natural light.

With our IP56 certified, switchable glass we provide the innovative Solution for archtiects and investors to build up high tech privacy rooms!

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