Digital Glass Print


Digital Glass Print

Digital Glass Print opens a new wide range of smart projects with glass kn several different markets …

With our new digital glass printer, now we are able to print digital on glass up to 2500 x 5000mm in highest resolution and quality. We can print on ESG Glass or we also can produce laminated Glass with printed glass

We use any kind of glass and produce the laminated glass according the client design. We also open a new, wide range of market for our reseller and partner – now you can offer colored glass with client based design in any kind of projects like medical ares, public areas, hotel, private kitchen, bathroom etc.


  • Easy installation (same like standard VSG Glass)
  • max Size of 2500 x 5000mm (please note the transport issue)
  • Client based design (you send us your design)
  • Highest Resolution
  • No Maintainance
  • No Electricity
  • No mechanical parts
  • ESG or VSG
  • OPTION: combination with switchable glass!


  • Wall / Seperation
  • Privacy Glass
  • Medical Areas, Kitchen, Hotel
  • Entrance Areas
  • Restaurants, Bars, Discotek
  • Public buildings (Airport, Trainstation …)

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PDLC technology

About PDLC technology which is producing in Austria by SmartFilmPlus

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