Photochrome Film


Photochrome Film

Tint Films transition from a ‘clear’ to ‘dark’ state when exposed to sunlight. Designed to adapt to your environment,photochromic films are perfect for customers looking for a sun control solution only when it’s needed.

The principal is to balance the light inside a room – when the sunlight is not so high the film goes bright and the light transmission is high. When the sunlight is high the film goes dark and the light transmission is low.

This process is automatically controlled by the sun’s uv radiation. Without electricity, without electrical devices – fully automatic.


  • Ease and fast to use
  • Size on tupe – 1500x30000mm
  • No maintainance
  • Wet installation
  • No mechanical parts
  • Manage light inside the room
  • Several different colores


  • Fassade
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofside Windows
  • Wintergarden
  • Car, Train etc…

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PDLC technology

About PDLC technology which is producing in Austria by SmartFilmPlus

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