Switchable Film


Switchable Film

make your window alive” – with the innovative switchable PDLC film you can do that.

How smart film/glass works

You just need to press a button on the wall or in your application and it will work. There is also compatible with the smart home system.

Turned off

  • by Wi-Fi

  • by button

  • by timer

Our switchable film can be individually attached to any glass customized . The switchable film is an good and cheaper alternative to switchable glass. This is suitable for retrofitting.

You dont need to replace your existing glass – just stick the film onto the glass. After installing the powersupplies you can switch the slides using any power/media control (ALEXA, mobile app, house bus, media controls, Crestron, AMX etc.).


  • Stickable Film for retrofitting existing Glass, Acryl, Macrolon, Plexi …
  • Non stickable Film for glass production
  • Extra clear – low Hazeeffect
  • Different color (White, Grey)
  • 36 up to 65 VAC Power
  • 0,12 up to 0,4mm Thickness
  • 1800mm max Width
  • Self adhesive / Lamination Version
  • On tube or cutted in shape/size
  • Silver or Copper Busbar
  • 99% UV Filter
  • -20 up to +70C° Temp.
  • 20ms switch time
  • Global delivery
  • 2 Years warranty
  • NOT ready to use in wetroom or outdoor areas

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PDLC technology

About PDLC technology which is producing in Austria by SmartFilmPlus

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