Switchable Glass


Switchable Glass

free and privacy” – with switchable glass you can have both …

How smart film/glass works

You just need to press a button on the wall or in your application and it will work. There is also compatible with the smart home system.

Turned off

  • by Wi-Fi

  • by button

  • by timer

Switchable glass is produced in the same way as standard, laminated glass. Means with our switchable glass you have all the advantages of laminated glass combined with the switchable layer inside the glass which you can switch on/off with a click.

Within a second you can change from clear, transparent glass to opaq milkey white glass – and thats without to change or reduce the light transmission massive

The integrated laminat (based on PDLC) also is a perfect screen for rear-projection systems – means thats expand the type of usecase massiv.

We produce our switchable Smartglass since more than 10 years in highest quality according the EU norms and ship it out globaly. We are also producing special fitting systems for durning/sliding doors which can provide wireless power for our switchable glass. The fittings can be customade for each of our clients with color and logo etc.


  • Safetyglass / Temp. Glass
  • Standard Glass / Clearvision extra clear
  • Extra clear glass – low Hazeeffect
  • Client can choose Glasstype (z.B. color glass etc…)
  • 36 bis 65 VAC Trafos Betriebsspannung
  • EU / US Version – SmartTrafo
  • 4+4 bis up to 15+15mm Thickness
  • 1800mm x 4200mm max. Size
  • CNC cutting (vertical / horizontal)
  • Enmaille Print
  • Silver oder Copper Busbar
  • 99% UV Filter
  • dimmable
  • Optional: IP56 for wetroom installation
  • -20 bis +70C° Usage Temperature
  • 20ms switchtime
  • Global delivery
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Europe
  • SPECIALTYPES: isolated, bended, walkable, wetroom glass

“No minimum order quantity per order – Delivery and Installation Service on request”

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PDLC technology

About PDLC technology which is producing in Austria by SmartFilmPlus

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