Switchable “outdoor” glass!


Switchable “outdoor” glass!

“Unique, quadruple-laminated electrically switchable glass for outdoor applications”

Electrically switchable glass forms a basis for contemporary and innovative architecture in more and more buildings. So far, the use of switchable privacy glasses has been limited to the interior and is preferably used there in partition wall or facade construction.

SmartFilmPlus and its production partner have now developed a glass combination consisting of four different glasses that are connected to one another using different techniques, a solution for using the electrically switchable glasses outdoors.

Like our conventional switchable glasses, the outdoor glasses are supplied with approx. 65VAC voltage via our SmartTrafos and can be switched via any control (relay, SmartHome, Alexa, mobile phone, etc.).

The glasses can be built into any frame element that can be filled with neutrally crosslinking silicone – if the customer wishes, the glasses can be delivered ready-to-install with a frame!



  • Transparent / Opac
  • Different colors


  • 100% sealed against water
  • Extra clear – highest transparency
  • sealed against UV


  • Balcony, Fence
  • Garden Fence
  • seperation wall

Technical specification

Max Size: 4200 x 1800 mm
Thickness:ca 30 mm (multilayer laminated glass) or higher!
Color:different options
Shape:Any kind of shape – holes etc.
Glas-Type: Float, tempered
Power:110VAC / 230VAC Input – 65VAC Output
Frame– any frame that can be filled with silicone accordingly
– Pre-installed steel / steel frame

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PDLC technology

About PDLC technology which is producing in Austria by SmartFilmPlus

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