Selftinting insulating glass


Selftinting insulating glass

Big size insulating glasses in use as walls bring enormous advantages in terms of daylight and warmth. At the same time, very large glasses also require good sun protection or good shading.

If you want to realize your project without conventional shading systems such as roller shutters, external venetian blinds or even curtains etc. then you are well advised to use our “self-tinting” insulating glass

Without doing anything, our self-tinting glasses reduce the light transmission (light transmission / m2) with increasing solar radiation and change their color more and more into the dark. When the amount of solar radiation decreases, the color is changed more and more into clear / transparent again and the light transmission is increased again.

With our self-tinting insulating glass, you can control the amount of light and heat in the room without any electricity!


  • Easy installation (same like standard IGU)
  • max Size of 1500 x 4200mm
  • Several differant color (blue, grey, bronce …)
  • Window, Roofside window, Walkable Glass, Door, Facades
  • No Maintainance
  • No Electricity
  • No mechanical parts
  • Controll Light and Heat inside the room
  • double or dripple IGU


  • Facade
  • Roofside Window
  • Wintergarden
  • Entrance Areas
  • Public buildings (Airport, Trainstation …)

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