Switchable Glass for Wetroom (IP56)


Switchable Glass for Wetroom (IP56)

special sealing for your smartglass – IP56 certified”

Looks and works like our standard switchable glass – BUT with a very special sealing we can offer it to use it in wetroom environments as well.

Standard switchable film or glass is not ready to use in wetrooms like bathroom, shower etc. because electricity and voltage endanger people and animals.

Therefore we have a special sealing in production (which is IP56 certified) that prevents dangers from electricity and voltage.


  • Safetyglass / Temp. Glass
  • Standard Glass / Clearvision extra clear
  • Extra clear glass – low Hazeeffect
  • Client can choose Glasstype (z.B. color glass etc…)
  • 36 bis 65 VAC Trafos Betriebsspannung
  • EU / US Version – SmartTrafo
  • 4+4 bis up to 15+15mm Thickness
  • 1800mm x 4200mm max. Size
  • CNC cutting (vertical / horizontal)
  • Enmaille Print
  • Silver oder Copper Busbar
  • 99% UV Filter
  • dimmable
  • IP56 sealing
  • -20 bis +70C° Usage Temperature
  • 20ms switchtime
  • Global delivery
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Europe
  • SPECIALTYPES: isolated, bended, walkable, wetroom glass

“No minimum order quantity per order – Delivery and Installation Service on request”

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